Can I add official team kits and/or logos in my game?

Note: This won’t make sense to you if you don’t understand Football (Soccer) that well.

I was wondering if I could get in trouble if I made a Football Obby and added things such as Official Team Kits and/or Team logos. Before you say yes go ahead be aware that I am asking this question because games such as PES, FIFA, FM, and such don’t have rights or “License” to these club kits or logos. Would this rule also apply to Roblox as well if I added this to my game?

I know games like TPS Soccer uses Real Kits and Team Logos, but I wasn’t 100% sure.

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I think its allowed as long as you give credits, but don’t listen to me, as I am known for misreading things. If I was you, I would just make original names and logo, or have someone make a logo for you.

It would be nice to give credits but mind you these are Official clubs and actual companies. You really just can’t give credit and be protected from getting in trouble with Licensing and all that. The idea of original teams is nice but it wouldn’t really go with the game tbh. Thank you for your responsoe though :heart:

You cannot use their kit / name / players, you require a licence to use any of their assets. You can probably purchase a licence for some teams but they are incredibly expensive and are sometimes unavailable due to companies like EA and PES buying exclusive access.

Well, I did tell you not to listen to me, as I am known for forgeting and misreading things, lol :rofl:

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So with that being said, are you saying that games like TPS Soccer would’ve have to buy a license for every single team they have used? (There are quite a lot of teams with real kits and logos). I don’t think they did with the fact it could cost you up to millions depending on the team.

Probably, they might be able to buy a license from the league rather than the team?

Not possible, The licensing comes from the business/marketing/managment aspect of the team, not from the leauge itself. Leagues such as epl, La Liga, Ligue 1, etc. don’t give licensing to the game or game(s) of the team. It all comes from the team itself. If it was the case Juve would still be in FIFA lol.

I’m not to sure if this belongs in #development-discussion. It’s about how a certain design or aspect of my game can hurt it. I am also asking for help or feedback if this is allowed. I was contemplating between here or development discussion but I feel like this question suits game design more due to it be a question about the overall design of a game.

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Giving credit doesn’t protect you from liability for infringement. You need legal permission to use copyrighted assets.

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I’m not entirely sure, but for a case like this it’s probably best to be safe and not sorry.

No? It is perfectly fine for this category. Forum Feedback is for discussions, feature requests and bug reports about the Developer Forum and Development Discussion is for broad topics pertaining to Roblox development, not specific questions. Please don’t minimod, you risk the chance of providing incorrect information about a user’s posting choices.


Speaking on the thread’s question, it would be best if you made custom “kits” or logos rather than using official ones. Official items are almost definitely licensed and you would need to acquire a license to use it for yourself as well. If you don’t have that license, then naturally you can’t use any official items as well.

Customs and parodies are always a good fallback and honestly better than using the branding of existing entities, just in the sense of avoiding unintentional product placement and any legal trouble. You also have a lot more flexibility in what you can do with customs.


Alright, I’ve seen customs pop up a few times in this thread. I really don’t have money or time to handle legal stuff if I use official :laughing:. I think I it will be best to go with Customs in this case scenario. Thank you and also to everyone that responded :heart:

Also, one last thing, what about those clothing groups that sell official club jerseys for Roblox clothing and Pants? Is that allowed or breaking any kind of TOS?

It’s applicable for any kind of UGC. The only difference is the medium it’s communicated in. Regardless of how the work is presented - be it a shirt, pants, a decal for a game, anything - permission should be on hand before making them.


I don’t really know, but it could be funny to change team names to creative ideas, since many games do that to avoid copyright. Like “Real Mice” instead of “Real Madrid”, it could possibly make someone laugh.
And change the logos, it willl most likely be copyright.