Can I adjust the leaderboard coregui?

What I’m trying to do
I’m working on a new game and I’d like to adjust the leaderboard. I don’t want to heavily change it, simply detect when the user clicks on a player’s name, and being able to highlight another player (like a red overlay on them when an event happens).

What the issue is / What I’ve looked into
The user doesn’t seem to have access to coreguis, which makes sense. I thought about disabling the leaderboard and adding in my own, but

(a) since I want to keep the default layout, I need to find it. I can’t seem to find the code for that or see the leaderboard gui in explorer.

(b) I’d like to keep the extra functionalities of the leaderboard (like seeing avatar and sending friend requests), and it seems like a hassle to reimplement it all. I’m not sure its even possible, I noticed older versions of coregui used lines we can’t run in local scripts.

(c) Ideally I would want the leaderboard to update with roblox’s

So now I’m looking for ideas on how to approach this. I feel like this shouldn’t require a complex solution, did I miss something?

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You can access the CoreGUI by going into File → Studio Settings → Studio → Show hidden objects in explorer = true


Wow, I feel disappointed that I didn’t find that with google. Thanks, I’ll try looking into this.