Can I change the mobile jump UI size or move its position? If so, how?

Hi guys! I’ve been working on a first-person speed runner game called “Run!” and I need some help making this game more mobile-friendly.

I’m not quite experienced when it comes to code, so I’m rather curious how to do this, and better yet if the following is even possible:

On mobile I’ve noticed that the jump button seems to be too small for players making it incredibly difficult (while still being possible) to reach jumps. Much rather, I’m curious to see if there’s any way to make the mobile jump button more user-friendly by making it larger, and what that requires whether it be a script or a simple change in studio? Alternatively, if that’s not possible, is it possible to move the jump button UI to a slightly more user-friendly spot?


do you still need a solution?
the mobile button is easy to get used to Imo it just takes a bit of time. it would be easy for mobile players but if u still want it to be larger I might be able to help

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Edit the PlayerModule. I’d personally allow players to move the jump button by right click dragging it with their mouse, but that’s just my opinion.

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