Can i change the starter place?

Hello developers! When i was creating my game i had to change the main story, but because of that i need to change the starter place, what do i mean by that? Here an image to make it simple:

Ok as you can see the player will spawn at the place called: Islands??, but i wanna change it so the player will spawn at Temple Puzzles, can i do that?

Hey man, could you be a bit more clearer about what you need help with?
As of right now I don’t fully understand what you mean.

For what I can get out of what you said I’d say; make a spawn at the place where you want them to spawn.

Hey, look at the image, as you can see there a spawn icon on “Islands??”, that means the player will spawn at that one place so i want it to be at “Temple Puzzles” can i do that?

Are you able to change it to a normal spawn?

Well, you’d have to save one of the places to a local file or just another place, then go to the place that you want to be the starter place and then just press File > Save to Roblox As… and then select the game and then select the original starter place. Then go to that place u saved earlier, then do File > Save to Roblox As… and do the game and then the place that ISN’T the starter one. Hopefully that doesn’t sound too confusing but I hope it makes sense.

No, because i added a place when i changed the main story and now i want the player spawns at that one new place called “Temple Puzzles”

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Thanks dude! It helped a lot! :>

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