Can I copyright My logos/Group Games?

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So, I am wondering if I can copyright my logos on the SCPF, and games distributed by my group.

How would I go around doing this?

And is this something I need to make? [Exmaple]:


Well technically speaking, anything made in a tangible form is already copyrighted.

However anything you upload to roblox you grant roblox a license to use in any medium they choose. Along with your games.

However your situation is very different. The SCP foundation is licensed under CC-BY-SA-3.0, which means any derivates of SCP must be licensed under CC-BY-SA-3.0 or a compatible license (such as CC-BY-SA-4.0).

You might own the copyright to certain things, but other things are licensed differently.


So, to copyright my items I have to explain what is based on the Wiki, and what’s not?

And should I make something similar to what Unix_System made?

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Basically you already have the copyright to everything that you made.

To put it simply: You own the copyright to your logo, however because it is a derivative of the SCP logo, it is licensed under CC-BY-SA-3.0 by default. All this means is that if someone chooses to copy your exact logo, which they are allowed to under CC-BY-SA, they must credit you or you have the rights to revoke their access and take legal action (for that you would have to register the copyright), should you choose to. This is the same for any other derivative of anything on the SCP wiki that you made.

173 is a little different though, I recommend you view the licensing guide on 173.

I’m not sure who Unix_System is or what they made though, if you could elaborate. Copyright law is pretty dated and not the easiest to understand, though.

I see, so CC-BY-SA-3.0 is basically:
Someone who takes the logo doesn’t give me credit, I have the right to revoke their access.

What about the game?

And… if the logo/game/more was a original idea, it’s possible to copyright all? (and how)

Basically, if you use stuff from the SCP Wiki, then you need to license your work under CC-BY-SA. This is a pretty horrible license, primarily made for textual works and pretty unsuitable for programming works.

Anyone can use stuff you make that is licensed under CC-BY-SA by the same reason that you can use the material on the SCP Wiki. The reason we made that license attribution was to satisfy the attribution requirement of CC-BY-SA, and to distinguish what is under CC-BY-SA and what is our own proprietary licensed content (or licensed from elsewhere).


Would you recommend me to make one?

You are required to attribute any works you use under the CC-BY-SA license. Where you do it, or how doesn’t matter as long as you do.


And if the Logo as about a original idea, it’s possible to copyright? And how?