Can I create a single animation that supports both R6 and R15 and if so how?

If you try playing an R15 animation on an R6 avatar, all the keyframes for the R15 parts (RightHand, RightLowerArm, etc) so there are no R6 keyframes to animate, and vice versa. How can I create and upload an animation that contains both R6 and R15 keyframes, so that when loading animations, I will not have to programmatically check the characters RigType to load a seperate asset? I tried animating both, and in the Explorer just parenting all the keyframes to a single animation, but then when I uploaded it, it discards all keyframes for parts other than the rig type of the dummy I was animating with. Is there any way at all to upload a single animation asset that works on both R6 and R15 avatars by combining the R6 keyframes and R15 keyframes into a single animation?

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I don’t think this would be too hard. Make a rig in blender where the R6 bones track with the R15 bones, but are themselves unselectable. Then when you export that rig and animation, it will be R21, a new beast that works with both.


I do not know how to use ‘blender’

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In Roblox, you would have to devise a way for one bone to follow another, otherwise you are just animating twice anyway. Someone might have more ideas for you, but this is beyond my ability.

I am fine with animating twice, but I do not like having to programmatically check if a player is using R6 or R15 and load a different asset accordingly

Ooh, I see. That defines the problem better! I’m not sure how to make the rig in Roblox directly, but yes, once there, you could animate there. You would see both sets of bones, so you could line them up.

Have you considered just forcing R15?

Yes but I decided do let players choose