Can I create settling snow?!

I want to add snow and laying snow on the ground - I’ve seen pleny of scripts for decent snow effects but wondered:

  1. Could I create something where falling snow settles on the ground?
  2. Is there another way other than painting terrain with the snow brush?

Would appreciate any thoughts on this as it’s beyond my level!

There are many plugins to do the job. If you want you could also use particle emitters + lighting settings. Here are a few posts:

Dynamic snowing effect (Particles)
SimpleWeather Plugin(Update!)

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the particles one is amazing - so - how about snow that actually settles on the ground and stays there?

ot am I stuck with having to paint on the snow terrain?

If you use smooth terrain, do the following.

Create snow particles around you, think in reverse when it comes to creating the settling snow. You should determine where the particles land, not where they spawn. This way you know where to spawn settling snow. The only thing left, is to spawn voxels of snow around the point where the snow lands.

I made a prototype game a few years ago, that uses that reverse mechanic with raycasting, so that meteors always will land within the playing area. You can check it out here: Time Hunting - Roblox

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ooh thats got my brain popping! I’ll take a crack at that!