Can I delete all files from C:\ProgramData\Roblox\Downloads?

I see that I have more than 1Gb in this folder:


Can I delete it?


I have 1GB in there too. Well, you can try testing that by making a backup of that folder, deleting it from Roblox’s files and running Roblox without it. I would keep the folder anyway tbh.

Info: most of the players have Roblox files installed in %LocalAppData%/Roblox.


You’re right. The removal apparently did not interfere with anything, neither the Studio nor the Player.

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I said otherwise here:

The folder might be important. The changes done by removing it may not be visible just yet (for example: some stuff might have broke but you didn’t yet discovered it).

Well, if anything breaks, you can always reinstall Roblox (or eventually a new update will re-download the files and Roblox is going to fix itself).

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