Can I do weekly robux giveaways?

I have a game that allows you to customize roblox avatar, my idea was to do weekly robux giveaways so that people, especially those who don’t have robux, can buy their avatar, we’re talking small numbers, like 150, 100 or 75 robux per week (it was the community that proposed these numbers). all via a discord giveaway with payout on my roblox group.

However, reading the Tos I found the following article:

Is it possible somehow to do this kind of giveaway?

I have made a post like that a day ago:
I am sure you will find your answer there.

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In short: No, it is not allowed to do anything related to giving away Robux and if you are caught doing so, you will get into trouble. The only exception I believe that is allowed is giving away Roblox Gift cards, but otherwise, you can’t explicitly give away Robux unless you are given permission by Roblox themselves I believe