Can I edit this scripts?

Can I edit this scripts (I mark them red)?
I have a suspicion that this are Core scripts, which I shouldn’t change.

You can of course, but you really have to know what you’re doing, otherwise you can mess up important mechanics like basic player controls.

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I just did some testing. If you try to change them while the game is running, all the changes are local and will not be saved, so in game you cannot change them. However if you play your game, right click on one of the corescripts and press “copy”
Screenshot (682)
Screenshot (683)
Then stop playing and paste (Ctrl + V), you will have it.
Screenshot (684)
Then if you put this in starterplayerscripts and add any edits you want to it
Screenshot (685)

The game will use your custom corescript

I am not experienced in this but generally I wouldn’t mess around with the scripts unless needed.

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