Can I filter out messages myself?

I was recently working with the Chat Service and was wondering if it was against the Roblox TOS to be filtering messages like this:

“free robux” → “#########”

I’m sure it’s not, the Royale High developers have something like this is their game that doesn’t let you say certain links. Eg: freerobux.scam. So I would think that this is okay.

Edit: Prevent bot scam websites from showing up in the in-game chat [free script]


Thanks, I didn’t think it would be, but sometimes there’s rules that people overlook and then get banned for breaking them.

Changed the title to be more reflective of your problem.

Just so it’s clear: its better to look for available information if possible or contact support instead of using another game’s circumstances to figure out whether you can do something or not. “X has it, so you can too” is bad justification and I never recommend accepting that kind of advice.

Roblox has made it clear that you are absolutely in the clear to make custom filters, but they must be additive - Roblox’s filtering (via TextService) must be present at all times though, with or without custom filtering. Check the following quotation:

Additionally, you can search before posting, as custom filters have been asked about before. You could find an answer from one of these existing threads.