Can I get a part from it's position?

Basically, I have a function, and the argument to it’s parameter is a part’s position.

function doSomething(position)


Now, let’s say in the code for function doSomething(), I need to reference the part from “Part.Position”. Of course, if I try to use the parameter, I will have the position. But, the argument was Part.Position, so in theory the script might know what part the position belongs to?
So basically, is there any kind of function or method I don’t know of that could almost find the position’s “parent”?

And yes, I realize I could just use a new parameter for just the part itself, but I’ve already called this function numerous times in the script and am updating it, so it would just be easier (I think) to change the script rather than all the times the function was called.

function doSomething(part)
	position = part.Position

You can use ctrl + H to open the Replace menu and replace everything accordingly.

Self is not defined as this function does not belong to an object therefore no that’s not possible. That’s why OOP is used.

The reason why Part.Position doesn’t inherit the Part is because creates an entirely different object. So basically you lost the pointer to the Part object itself, replaced it with Vector3.