Can I get a rate x/10 on my mesh?

Hey, I am about to show this finished M1 Garand to my client for a commission. They are quite strict and as a result, I need to be strict about my performance.

I posted it on twitter but didn’t get any raw feedback. Don’t hold back! :sweat_smile:


@honeydewloon How many parts have you broken the M1 Grand into?


I broke the M1 Garand into 3 parts.


I like the wooden frame and the black metal put together. Looks really realistic.

One thing that I am unsure of is that if this gun is for shooting. Would your bolt and magazine capsule be able to move to replicate a round being fired off and a magazine reload?


Yep, everything is separated realistically and efficiently!

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Alrighty. I think that it’s a great gun, very realistic and the person you’re giving it too is very lucky. 10/10


How many polygons have you used to create the meshes?

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How many polygon’s are in each part of the build?

Overall the design is great, and it resembles a M1 Grand. Which different materials being used within the design and different modes of meshing with indents and bevels, overall this is a great mesh.



I used four thousand triangles

The build looks really good. Like all the different details you added to it!

Overall you really done a great job on your M1 Grand. Like the material you added to it and the design, you could also add one of those sling attaching to the front swivel! but this is a great mesh…



Wooow!! 10/10 I really like it

When I am modeling stuff personally, I tend to think of a list of questions. Now, your model does look very nice, but I do have a couple of questions, and opinion on it.

Some questions I think of when modeling weapons are:

  • First or third person?

When you’re modeling weapons for first person, you are going to have quite a bit more detail than say something you made for 3rd person. In first person, you’re able to see the weapon more closely. So it would make sense to go a bit more into detail. But if it is a 3rd person weapon, I wouldn’t advise going into detail as the player probably wouldn’t even be able to see it.

(Higher detail doesn’t necessarily go crazy with triangle counts though).

  • How many of these weapons will be in the game at any time?

So, you need to think about how many of these models will be in the game at any given time, because it’s going to be that triangle count, times how many of them are there. Rendering the mesh could become hard for the client. I’m sure that the weapon can be optimized further.

(Now, this is moving into more of the optimization zone, so here’s my next question).

  • Can the mesh be optimized further?

Thinking to the last question, density, cartoony/low poly or high detailed (this doesn’t necessarily mean high triangle counts), and amount. You can now think of what you could do for optimization.

(I think with the use of smooth shading, you can ‘fake’ the bevels with a bit of magic. Micro-bevels are usually the cause for such high triangle counts, and sometimes you may not even see then cause of how small they will appear when put into Roblox. Another thing that could cause higher triangle counts is using Boolean, I wouldn’t recommend using that modifier. I mean I’m not too sure you used it or not but that can cause issues with the mesh, and adding unneeded triangles).

But other than that, I think the model looks great. The texturing is really nice. But I personally think it should be optimized further. Hopefully, my feedback helps out a bit! Goodluck!


I would rate this model of a gun 8/10.