Can I get banned for creating Wolfenstein content?

Can I get banned for making | uploading a Wolfenstein game?

(No symbols) ( And I add different leaders and characters )

NOTE I see most people with a “Wolfenstein” Game or group get banned.

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As long as you don’t copy anything and it follows the ToS, you should be fine.


You can’t copyright an idea or concept, and what Crazedbrick said, as long as you don’t exactly copy anything and it follows the ToS you’re good to go.

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Personally, I like to steer clear of these types of games as for me it is not worth the risk. There are many games that just make things different and do just fine. You can look at piggy, and many other games that do fine. The game Islands used to be called Skyblock, but they had to change the name due to copyright issues. The game was taken down for a couple hours, but then they changed the name and a little content. They were not slapped with a ban, just a warning message. You are not going to get a strait up ban unless the game includes bad content and such.


As what Crzaedbrick1 said, If you follow the ToS you might be fine but make sure to double check to see if you copied anything which could possibly get your game banned.

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Aight I’m not planning to upload one.

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This doesn’t seem like a good idea. If it reminds people of Wolfenstein, it will remind people of the bad guys. If it reminds people of the bad guys, you might get banned for it. Just my two cents. Do what you want.

Didn’t have to be mean about it but alr

If you change the nazi symbols and related people, as a concept the game should be fine (since that’s really the only part that would break ToS, assuming it’s not overly gory)

I’d say once that’s taken care of, don’t call it Wolfenstein, since that’d not only be using a copyrighted name (probably won’t matter, but it’s better to be on the safe side) but also referencing a game with heavy nazi imagery (yes, I know, you’re killing the nazis, but Roblox won’t even allow that)

In short: To have it be allowed on Roblox you’d definitely need to brand it as a different game entirely, or give it a similar yet unique name (like ROOM did) and remove all nazi references.

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