Can I get banned for giving good things to people in my discord server?

Hi! I want to increase the number of people in my discord server for my game. I want to make it so that roblox player’s who has verified their discord accounts are in my server will get exclusive stuff in my game. Is it against the rule?

Not necessarily, many games do this. Just as long as it isnt gambling, I think it should be fine.

Ok. But what counts as gambling? There are giveaways. Do you mean like paid giveaways that you have to pay something to enter?

Well, that is tricky. Unless you are talking about giveaways, anything where they pay and there is even a SLIGHT chance they might not get the item they paid for is most likely considered gambling. Say you rolled a dice where every side was a “1” except for one side, which is a “3,” and if you get the 1, you get 100 in-game currency, and if you hit 3, you get nothing. This is a thing that they paid for, and if there is a chance of them not receiving it, that is gambling. And I don’t mean like a glitch or something, because roblox has those too. Hope this helps :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Gambling would mean spending currency to gain something back with a random chance, as long as you arent doing that, you should be fine, although, robux giveaways arent allowed either.

How about they pay like 100 coins to enter giveaway and if they didn’t win anything they get like 50 coins is it ok?