Can i get banned for swearing

Sorry if i posted this in the wrong channel i dont know else to put it…

So my game has a lot of “swear words” but i only used them in directory names and instances.
(i know its really bad habit)
If a young child where to play my game traditionally and not cheat, they would never encounter any of them. But if the owners or anyone who owns a 3rd party program to cheat in roblox games… And report me?? Last thing i want is for my game to become big somehow and get banned for inappropriate language lol. Normally i’d play it safe and just change everything. But i just noticed this habit. Ive come to far and am far to lazy to rewrite it all. If it’s a bannable offense i’ll quit roblox studio and just ****ing move to Unreal or something.

Heres an example

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While we are not looking to punish anyone for using profanity in their code that is never seen by players, we do take seriously content that, when shared, is dangerous or harmful to others in our Community such as making threats to others, posting someone else’s personally-identifiable information without permission, etc.

So as long as you do not threaten people in your code and don’t swear in publicly viewable code, then you have no problems. Exploiters would not be able to see variable names, thus they cant see your swearing as decompilers are limited on what they can really see.

Though, it’d be better if you just changed your habits and didnt swear in code.


thanks, i can continue my game :smiley:

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