Can i get banned for this?

Hey! I was in a game testing my replicating of the old roblox ui and i came across an issue…
I forgot to add a filter to my chat.
Now, i added some kind of filter but if you swear or say something against the roblox filter it will still show on your end, on others it is not shown and replaced with tags, now the code i’ve written for it is a mess and is basically a challenge to even change a small feature in the script.
Now, the question is… Can i get banned for having things against the roblox filter shown on your end but not others, technically it isnt because others arent being effected… right?

Please help!
^ This is shown as tags for others but not for me. example.


This is kinda how the old roblox chat worked.

I doubt they will do anything as long as other players don’t see the unfiltered message.

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Not a lot time ago, there’s was bug with bubble chat, and a lot of games was banned, but not all recovered. issue was the same: owner of text saw it unfiltered, and the problem was that guy which wrote text though that his text is unfiltered. So you need to inform player, that his text not filtered ONLY FOR HIMSELF!

I recommend do not delete the filter or do something against it. You wont get banned if you do once but your game gonna be closed. If you do second time, i think you gonna get banned.

Kind of odd how the others can’t see your updated message if you are seeing it uncensored(while others don’t). This means that there are reduced visibility on how the chatting player will see, which they will assume that their chat is unfiltered. This is completely misleading the player and in their minds, they could go on about and write all kinds of profane things, getting away with it in their perceptions.

It only affects the player who writes it, not the others.

In order to fix this, the chatting player will see their message first. And once the filter is complete and propagated the message to the rest of the server, let the chatting player also see the updated text, rather than raw input.

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Thank you for telling me this!

You mentioned that your code’s all over the place, it might be interesting for you to see how I’ve implemented a custom chat system.

Hope this helps.

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