Can I get banned for uploading possibly copyrighted music?

So I have this music, which isn’t on roblox as it isn’t that popular. I want to upload it, but I don’t want to get banned. I do not know if it’s copyrighted or not. If I upload it and it’s copyrighted, could I get banned?


The music will be taken down but that’s about it. There’s always the chance you could get a Warning on your account, but I don’t believe they do.


This might help you, but in general you should assume any music is most likely copyrighted, though I don’t think you can get banned over uploading copyrighted music.

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I hope this is a joke. Any copyrighted assets you don’t own can get you not only banned but heavily sued. I’d steer clear from this. As you know Roblox got ride of all the copy right music due to the fact they didn’t want to be sued.


Tl;Dr no unlikely.

Long answer

I uploaded a TARDIS sound from doctor who which is apparently copyrighted it would fail to play and a little later I got a PM from Roblox saying they had removed the sound I uploaded and given me the robux back I used.

The same logic gotta apply to music so I think you’re good but when having doubts about legal matters it’s always best to assume you can’t do what you’re considering.


Devil’s Advocate, you can; you possibly won’t get banned for it… The IP owner will most likely not take legal action against you(time is a resource, suing small fry isn’t that worth it). However if the IP does request a DMCA then your copyrighted asset will be taken down. If I was Roblox, I would only ban a user if I am tired of responding to DMCA takedown requests. That’s probably how Roblox functions too.

Don’t infringe IP, it isn’t worth it. It might not help/improve your game by adding that song in mind.

If you really want to use that song: (Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, this is not legal advice. This is for educational uses only. Reading this reply or replying to me doesn’t create an attorney-client relationship. [random gibberish])

  1. Contact the IP owner, request a permission. Some are nice enough to let you use their music.
  2. If that fails, buy a license. Make sure you get all the right permissions, right to remix(in case you want to change the pitch, tempo etc.), and make sure you only license to the correct scope, you typically don’t need to license the master record.

If you need more help with IP

'nother edit:

Answer’s yes if you keep doing it.


I’d imagine you would receive a strike if a DMCA takedown is sent. While it is technically possible that you could end up “getting away with it” if it goes unnoticed as is the case with some songs on the site, it’s better to be on the safe side and not risk any legal issues.

As outlined in our terms of use, we have implemented a three-strike policy that is designed to punish repeat offenders who knowingly and repeatedly upload infringing content; this policy is also designed to prevent well-intentioned developers from receiving future strikes and moderation actions by providing them with educational and content removal resources.


Everything is automatically copyrighted. Unless the place you’re getting the music from says you can use it you mustn’t use it!! as you are at risk of a copyright strike.

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You might not get banned, but you might not be able to DevEx. Don’t know which would be worse, lmao.