Can I get banned if my UI looks too similar to another popular game?

Hello Fellow Developers!

My team and I have been working on a game that has similar UI to LOCOfficial and we were wondering if we could get banned for that. Of course, our UI aren’t perfectly the same as theirs but there’s a lot of similarity. If you know LOCOfficial and play our game, you’d immediately see where we got inspiration from. Everything is self-made, which means that no assets have been stolen. I’ve read Roblox TOS and searched for posts on the DevForum, but I didn’t find anything. My apologies for the irrelevant question, we just want to be sure!

Thanks in advance

PS: this post may not fit in the correct category, sorry for that.


As long as you didn’t completely rip-off the UI, you should be fine in terms of moderation.


you answered your own question, and yes, it won’t hurt you if the drawing style is the same.

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