Can I get DMCA'ed after being gifted a game?

Hi developers!
( I don’t know if this is the correct category but i guess it is) Recently the owner of a game has told me that he would gift me his maps and assets, the issue is that i don’t know if in the future he can lie and DMCA me saying that I stole it. I can’t do contracts and stuff because im a minor.

So can he DMCA me or not?


You can save the message of him allowing you to use his experience (via a screenshot), as proof that he did not copy your game instead. I wouldn’t necessarily trust that developer, as that sounds a lot like a scam.

He didn’t tell me it in Roblox, he said it in social media, does that still count as proof?

Yes…make sure the post is saved to the Internet Archive as proof. This way it is permanent. I would also ask the social media company if they could save that message.

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