Can I get feedback on my GameShow?

I’m currently working on a GameShow, and i have no ideas what to add. Is it possible to give some ideas what to add of minigames/decor/functions. Anyways here is a link to the game so you can see what i made already. I also have a whole screengui that makes all the function work movement/spawning/deleting. I hope i did it good! Link:

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Why have you made 2 separate posts for this?

I think the look of the game is pretty good! And the gameplay is pretty good as well. For me, I think the game is perfect as it is!

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I acc. made a second one, i’m new with all the functions on this platform.

looks very nice and promising! cool audience stages and colorized ambiance.
but session did not start when I joined. am I wrong?
I hope to come back and play the game.

And one note more: you could exclude your avatar from the top donator ranking.

I know you made a 2nd post, but you shouldn’t make 2 if they are about the same thing.

I didnt know i posted that other one, i couldnt find it. So i made another one…

I was hoping to make a GameShow - Help and Feedback / Cool Creations - Roblox Developer Forum

How did you not see this