Can I get feedback on my tutorial?

So, my game is out there, rates pretty well, but people don’t stay. When I catch someone online, I spend a lot of time answering questions. My game needs a tutorial!

I can’t exactly look up “tutorial tutorial,” so I made one of my own, essentially cutscene with a navigation commands. Here’s a video of the end result. It ended up more like an instruction manual.

Here’s the result:

The game is here if you are interested.

(12) Explornia RPG New! - Roblox

I’m looking for feedback. Is this the right direction? I also have helpful text in game for players who like to learn that way:

Thanks for your time!


It looks really nice and polished! However, the purple background(and the non-glowy purple text) looks weird with the style you’ve seemingly set for your game.

On top of that, a more effective tutorial would be an interactive one, where the player is given a tutorial while actually doing something. For example, you could teleport them to a new roblox place and make them go through a tutorial while playing the aspects of the game that you’re showing them how to do. Then, teleport them back.

You’re game is really nice and polished :smile:!

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That’s the kind of feedback I’m looking for! Thank you!

This is actually my third attempt at a tutorial, I’m stuggling on this.

The “plain GUI” will be replaced with something fancier as soon as I get people on the leaderboards! (I threw in the leaderboards early, just to see where people are dropping out. Every name on here is people who has played at least 1 minute, and the first 2 are my household lol)

People still aren’t getting to the rats! (I’ll be honest, I haven’t even gotten much feedback on whether systems can handle the game, but I have players on phone, tablet, and computer)

I don’t yet know how to code the “wandering arrow” that shows you what to do next. This is my next attempt. It’s really tricky, since my GUI is both 3D and 2D. I’m hoping to see more playtime soon!

You’re game is really nice and polished :smile:!

Thanks! I have big plans for it!

You’re welcome!

The reason why no one gets to the rats is because everything takes so long to fully load, and its not too clear what you actually need to do in order to go through the portal. It may be hard to fix the fully loading problem, but maybe add a loading screen so that at least most of the assets can be loaded in time.

Also, I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be like that, but the gui(level, inventory, etc) is pretty flat for some reason.

There is a game loading screen, but it never shows up because the server side loading is almost instantaneous. There is also a long delay with “finding a server” which I think has a lot to do with no one currently playing. I can’t do anything about that.

On the client side, I included a 15 second pan over the city where you should be able to see everything loading. My character loads up right about the end of the cutscene, but I don’t know what everyone else sees.

I have streaming enabled turned on, too, though I know nothing about those settings.

As for the flat GUI, I’ll look into that. I’m using surface appearance for the light reflections, which might be disabled on some devices. I don’t have a solid answer.

For the rebirth room, I am thinking about using my tutorial cutscene code to make a more classic “character selection” menu. I think some people get stuck clicking all 5 gems.

Nonono i didn’t mean that kind of loading. I meant that once your actually in the game, it takes several minutes for the game’s assets to actually load.

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That is strange, and not at all how I understood streaming enabled to work. I’ll look into that. By the time my camera pans over the city, the game is loaded for me. :thinking:

Thanks for hopping in and testing. Definitely more going on than just a bad tutorial!