Can i get hired to do stuff like GFX for Games?

I do blender, modeling, coding etc. I have only been paid 2-3 times for the gfx that i do and now i am wondering if i can get hired, or get constant commisions for my work. I’ve been doing all of mine for free for a LONG time and only as of recently games and some yts have came to me for my gfx. I just dk how to advertise or if there is a market for it.

(I have a lot more)


if you go to hiddendevs on discord(something like that) I think you can get hired pretty fast I mean those gfx are insane

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I used to see on twitter a lot of people posting their GFX artworks, maybe you could try there? If not, then you can take a look at the Talent Hub and maybe make your portfolio there.

i recommend you do some more research before making a post. Talent hub already exists as stated by the guy above

Alright thanks. Ill look into it. Somehow i had no idea that existed

These GFXs look VERY GOOD AND REALISTIC! You can definitely get hired by someone for games! Nice job on them!

I’m just not too familiar with doing applications or seeing who is available for hire ON roblox. It is just a bit strange. Hopefully i can pick up some sort of traction towards my work since i do believe i have something good going on.

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