Can I Get Idea or Feedback for this Sinking Ship Game?

Hello, guys i want you rate my sinking ship game the game is Sinking of Cartagena.
Im still working on it. You can also see my progress when i make it just click on the image.


Day 2

Day 3
Day 3

Day 4, 80
Promoting the game, make adds.

Day 81

More information comming!

Play the game Sinking of Cartagena

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Hey guys! Can i get some feedback?

Rate 1/10

From the pictures at Day 88, Iā€™d give it a solid 7 or 8/10. It looks well made and well scripted too!


Do you want try the game? Well you can just click the link Sinking of Cartagena

Thanks for the result :smiley:

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