Can I get in trouble if a player makes an inappropriate name in my game?

lets say I make a clan system for my game where players can make clans.
These clans can be named everything. and obviously they would be filtered by the roblox chat filter to avoid any obscene names. But what if someone bypasses the chat filter to make a bad clan name? Could I get in trouble for this? That same inappropriate name would be saved and loaded every time a player of that clan joined and left.

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I don’t know the official rule on this, but I believe you are not responsible for that. As long as you are using Roblox’s chat filtering service for your user entered names, it’s on Roblox if the filter has an error, and it’s on the player for breaking the rule in the first place.

Also, I believe all of your names (data) stored in data stores (persistently stored) will be re-filtered every time you re-retrieve it from the data store. This is a requirement by Roblox I believe. So, if Roblox updates it’s chat filter, you will get those names re-checked constantly.

If you are made aware of an inappropriate name, just be responsible and remove that name.