Can I get into more frequent/reliable contact with a Roblox copyright agent without having to email them a new ticket every time?

The .rbxl file for my game PARKOUR Reborn was leaked via. hackers utilizing a RAT that found its way onto one of our devs’ PCs. And now, clones, some uncopylocked, are popping up all over the place seemingly every day at this point.

It’s inconvenient to say the least to email for every single separate instance of this as they have told me to do.
Is there any way I can establish a better line of communication so I can take down these copies faster/more reliably? It takes anywhere from 2-5 days for one to be taken down for every ticket I must submit, and that’s simply too much time for how numerous these are.

Side note, every single time they ask me for “markers” or screenshots of the “infringing content” and every time I have to respond “it’s the entire game…the entire game was stolen” lol…

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I don’t think so. ROBLOX’s copyright team is horrible. They don’t even respond half of the time. Heck, I don’t think that they still check the email.
You could try sending a support ticket, but I don’t know if there’s a category for copyright. Just hope that someone redirects the ticket to the correct team.

Or they’ll just ignore you.

You are doomed, I don’t think Roblox would care about a game with less than at least 1k CCU either.

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when did they add direct searching? was that always a thing or can you link me the update log where it was added, I kinda remember it but I forgot when/where

edit: nvm

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My other game has 300M+ visits with 1-2k CCU. Not to mention Reborn is currently pay to play.

Is that screenshot real??

Edit: just looked, it’s real but none of those games are of concern to me, just the ones that are actually the game and not botted bait games. There’s less than a dozen real copies of the leaked game so far.

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You may have more luck with the Rights Manager that they launched last month.

Big fan of Parkour! :slight_smile:


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