Can I get some feedback on my building so far?

I’ve always been a terrible builder in the past, more always been a scripter and free modeled all the buildings required for the games I made in the past. But I finally decided to make something from scratch (more or less, still some free models here and there but mostly for the smaller cosmetic stuff)

But can I get some opinions, how is the lighting/building aesthetic? (I’m building a mall for a game I’m working on, btw obviously it’s not all done :stuck_out_tongue: so only looking for some feedback on the 2-3 shops I’ve built so far and the look that surrounds it. Anything I can add to make it more aesthetically pleasing? Does it look like a passable mall so far?

Thanks! Anything you guys can think of that would make it pop would be appreciated.


Amazing! The colour palette and the materials fit very well together, along with the design. the lighting in the arcade is fantastic, it reminds me of one I went to a week ago. Only criticism i have is the plants hanging down from the walls don’t fit that well to me. Maybe something like a mosaic or marble pattern would be better. Great build! :+1:


Thank you! Ya I wasn’t sure what to put there. Since plain wall didn’t look so good felt like empty space. I’ll try something like that.


Yes it looks good! I like the beam effects with the lights.

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Those neon cars in the arcade look great!

For the mall area, how about a skylight? Lots of malls have skylights, here:


Thank you :slight_smile: Yea I haven’t even started on the ceiling yet. It’s planned.


It looks great! Are you planning on adding more things in the arcade?

Yea, I plan to make every store interactive as well. But right now I more just want to create the base layout for each shop. Then later on go in and polish them, add more detail and script their functionality :smiley: