Can I get some feedback on my first clothing design?

Hello, about 3 hours ago, I decided that I wanted to try designing clothing. I own a clothing group (though it’s very small) and thought that paying designers cost a lot when it could go into advertising my group. I then spent the next 3 hours designing these clothing, as a beginner, I know I have lots of room to improve. This is my very first outfit design on roblox, could I get some feedback and advice to improve please? Also could anyone tell me how much I could price commissions with my current level? (In robux and usd) Thank you so much!

(kidult is my clothing group name btw that’s why it’s written on the shirt)

And here it is uploaded on roblox in case you liked it!


This looks awesome, very well done! As for feedback, maybe on the neck area you can make it transparent instead of a set color that way it won’t look weird if they have a different skin tone (unless it already is, in that case I have no criticism).

Thank you for the feedback and compliment! :slight_smile:
(The skin on the clothing isn’t coloured, it’s already transparent)

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Awesome, keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing some future clothes!

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It would be nice if you made other color variations (baby blue, pastel green etc). Nice!

This is very realistic, is this really your first clothing? 14/10

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That’s a nice suggestion! I’ll definitely do that!

Yeah it’s my first clothing but drawing was my hobby a few months back so I was able to use my skills from that and put it into the clothing :slight_smile:

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Thats amazing! It doesn’t look beginner at all. I’d love to have you teach me, if thats okay with you?

Thank you so much for the compliment. I’d love to help out and try to teach you though I’m not too sure about how much help I can do since I’m only just beginning.

Also would anyone know how much I should price commissions for my level?

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Hello. I love the effort and design you put into these clothing assets. I love the designs and the quality of the assets. I personally, enjoy the pants a lot and think you did a good job. Keep up the good work. If you spent time into using adverts or social communities, you could make a bunch of robux currencies from this.

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