Can I get some feedback on my Shooter RPG?

I have been testing with random players and for the most part, they seem more pleased than before, but I would like to get some feedback from people on DevForum.

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Some notes about your game:

  • Not a fan of the shirt and pants for the character models
  • If someone skips the first NPC (like I did) then they’ll be very confused on how to get a weapon
  • The help NPC is a sign of a larger problem. If players don’t understand your game, the answer isn’t to bombard them with text. The answer is to make the game more intuitive so that a tutorial isn’t needed.
  • Combat doesn’t seem very engaging. The slimes don’t fight back in any meaningful way.
  • Multitude of minor issues with visuals and audio design but enumerating them all would make this post significantly longer. Examples: Inconsistent clothing designs, dozens of slime sounds on repeat, pointer arrow decal has a strange grey outline, music that doesn’t fit the gameplay
  • Overall not ready for the public in my opinion. It’s a good start though. A few more months of work could shape this into something great.

Yeah it was little buggy but besides that not bad.
Could do with some improvements though if I am honest. Game froze on me twice upon creating a character and was kind of unplayable on more than one occasion.

Things i liked

  1. Art style (Was very different but worked well IMO)

  2. Combat wasnt to bad.

  3. Its a very good start and with the correct help this should do well.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

I liked your game. As MatticusG said, I liked the art style a lot. Your GUI skills are very impressive. However, I do have a few changes I’d suggest. When creating a character, the confirmation can be a bit confusing the “This is my choice” button is very small, and I tried hitting confirm a few times before realizing that the confirm wasn’t the button. Fairly minor, but I still noticed it. I also noticed a few issues with the NPCs. I started a dialogue with one, and I couldn’t figure out how to continue it.

All in all, keep up the good work!

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