Can I get some feedback on this longsword?

Hi there,

I just modelled my first sword and did my first render. I’d like to get some opinions on it, to improve my next sword and render!





It’s honestly Wonderful. I don’t know much about swords, so I can’t say anything specific. But all I can say is that it looks great. 10/10

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That’s a cool looking sword! You can try to add PBR textures on the iron to make it look shiny, or you can set the metallic of that model to the highest, smoothness to the lowest and use a light and point it to the sword, turn on bloom effect using the Eevee engine and render it. It will look so shiny! Overall, well done!

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Already used some PBR textures!

Thanks for the feedback, though. I’ll try to do a better job with texturing next time.

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The only weakness is the bloom effect. Take my steps in my previous post and it should look good.