Can I Have Feedback On A GUI I Made!

So me and my freind jim1OOO made a GUI for a game! it was canceled in the works of it.
That GUI was a join screen it had a play button and a settings button with 1 feature with it and it being sound! Let me show you the project!

Any feedback is accepted!
also i tryed to use less of Shift (unlike my last post)


Maybe tween the music gui and the welcome screen, and make the settings button be able to access during the gameplay.


Currently working on a new design!

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Not much to say, 2 buttons, one green one gray. Nothing special, maybe try adding some of your own style to it?


Ok? i will make a updated version of it soon!

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I think you have the right topic. It is feedback after all.
I see that you’re working on a new design, but I’ll give tips if you’re still in the process of it anyway.

You’re doing great so far! But personally, I think you need to work on the color scheme. I also struggle with picking out the right colors, but I find that lighter colors generally look more aesthetically pleasing, but really it’s your choice.

I also noticed that all your gui’s edges are rough. You can smooth/round them out in Properties > Style > RobloxRound. I think there might be another way to do this, but maybe you can research that.

Other than that, you did great! keep on doing stuff like this because you have some great potential! :smiley:

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Ok Thanks for the Good tips!
I’ll consider using your ideas!

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Basic, but cool! I got too a GUI like that :


Dang bro that looks sick!
How long did it take to make it?

Short time! GFX Time: 30 Min
Scripting: 10 Min

30+10= 40 Min

dang bro that is good for that long!

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