Can I have feedback on my Tower Defence game

I have been working on this game for the last 5 months where I started off around beginner/intermediate to advanced in scripting. I used a free model for the pet system so I am not taking credit for that. This game is a Zombie Tower Defence game called Zombie Defence. I would love some feedback also tomorrow or the day after I will be spending 10k Robux on sponsoring and advertisement on the game. Game link if you want to check it out Game

Game Thumbnail and Game Icon


Video clips

Clips are laggy for some reason

Pets with turrets

Turrets and gun showcase


around wave 15, the physics starts to lag with 1 player in the game. try making it so there aren’t so many weak zombies.
After you complete the game, it stops working. Players are also put on the same plot.


The UI needs improving as some things seem suppressed together and it seems kind of generic for the UI, other than that you’ve done an incredible job.


Also as for the thumbnails, they could be improved.