Can I hear opinions on my first cartoony model

hey! I’m Cacti, I’m not a really good builder but I just made my first low poly build
I’m trying to get better at building and I think I’m getting there, can I hear people opinions?

Screenshot 2021-04-25 182955

(I tried my hardest to center the dollar symbol, pls dont bully me for it)


It’s very cute and simple, I like it.


For a cartoony look, I say you did really good with it! Nice job! :+1:

Instead of pressing “i” then scaling inwards, I would recommend pressing “i” to the amount you want the press “e” to extrude inwards, it makes it look way cleaner!

That’s actually really good! I would suggest just evening things out a bit, but other than that you did really good.

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Thanks! I’m new to blender so I’m sure this will help me in the future.

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