Can I hide objects from Explorer but they still show?

I wanna make a part appear in workspace but it wont show in explorer

I can’t find any solutions for this and I am using this for a plugin to make a part undeletable unless a button in the Plugin is pressed.


I am using a plugin and I am making a Tween plugin for easier tweening but it seems that people can just Delete the clone part for the tweening which can break the Plugin a bit… So, I need to figure out how to make it visible in workspace but not explorer kind of like with GUI’s in CoreGui

local part ="Part")
part.Parent = --> Hidden Workspace Folder or something <--

I am fairly new to scripting but, Cant you put it in the server?

Server is game.Workspace / workspace which is just where all the parts are being shown, if you try to put it in game it causes it to not show since that isn’t a valid member to show anything.

could i bump this as i’m having the same problem and i cannot find any other solution.