Can I import a mesh that uses multiple textures?

Before I clutter up my Mesh folder, or before I blow the dust off of my visual studio, I decided I would ask, is it possible to have a mesh, that uses multiple textures, and be able to import that into Roblox? Or will Roblox only allow the one texture per mesh?

For instance, if I have a tree mesh, and it uses one texture for leaves, and one texture for trunk. Would I need to split that mesh so that I have one mesh for the trunk and its texture, and one mesh for the leaves and its texture.

I understand the layout of the .obj and .mtl files enough that I could code up a little utility to create separate mesh objects depending on which texture is being used, however, before I do, I wanted to know if its even necessary to split the mesh, or if there is already anything out there that can already do this.



One texture.

However, if you ever end up making that separation utility, be sure to post it here. I personally don’t design, but alot of designers would appreciate it.


Ok, thanks for the info, and yeah, of course I was just going to go with command line in c++, but I guess I could do it in c# and put a little gui with it. (I am terrible at gui in c++)


I doubt they’d mind a command line application.

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Yes, you can. If you solely just want the one tree by itself, you can “Bake” the textures in. That is if you’re talking about different colors per part and having to import it in separately.
Or, if you are talking about if you had the trunk and tree modeled and textured separately and you want to combine them, you can use blender’s texture atlas add-on to combine the two.



Thanks for the post, I’ve been working in blender for my mesh objects and Atlas is already included, so bonus!
So yeah. this might work, however, this would eliminate me being able to apply a texture to any specific part of an object, unless I ‘bake’ a whole new texture.

You could always separate that specific part from the main mesh whenever needed to color it separately using roblox’s brick coloring.