Can I know the name of the sound?

Hello I wanna know the answer of a simple question.
Is this possible to retrieve the name of the song I am currently playing in game?

Actually I am making a GUI where it shows the name of a song currently playing by players. Is this possible? Please answer.

You can, using MarketPlaceService, and exactly :GetProductInfo().

This method will take the ID of the asset, and return a dictionarry, containing information about that asset, such as its name, and description, and much more.


local ID = the music id
local MarketPlaceService = game:GetService("MarketPlaceService")

local dict = MarketPlaceService:GetProductInfo(ID)

for i, v in pairs(dict) do
     print(i, ": ", v)

Omg thank you so much. It works.

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