Can I make a game similar to another..?

Hi there, I’m Expoxide. I have recently begun developing code for survival games and had the idea to create a game similar to Minecraft. I don’t know if this is the proper side of the forum to post this but, what are the chances of it getting taken down if I create it?


Yes you can create games similar to one another, even alike, but it may be frowned upon or looked at as a copy and unoriginal. Also, Minecraft likely has some sort of copyright.

You absolutely can. Just keep in mind the sheer number of games similar to Minecraft on Roblox and keep in mind that you should do something that sets yours apart. As @L7_M said, it could be frowned upon depending on how you go about it. Look at CS:RO for example. They’ve become pretty successful, despite being a copy of CS:GO, but they’ve also added a few things to make their game unique. As for copyright, I don’t think it’ll be a huge issue, but it’s something worth looking into before you start.

As long as you do not directly copy all the assets you will be fine. Minecraft cannot copyright cubes. However, they can copyright block icons and textures, so make your own textures or use free ones. You won’t get into legal trouble if you basically copy minecraft with different textures, but try to be original. Originality is what really makes a game shine.

Anywho, my speech is over. Hope I could help.


Yes, you can if it’s similar but not exact. If you want a more in-depth explanation see this article on fair use by Stanford University.

Something similar to Minecraft wouldn’t come under copyright. Using their name, or any assets created by them would come under copyright however.

i have a friend called CyanDeveloper who made a game on roblox similar to minecraft,it looks excalty like minecraft try it out

This can give you some Tips on your survival Game!

@Elttob also made a game similar to minecraft. Pretty good too! paid access rn though

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Can confirm you’re allowed to do this :slight_smile:

More specifically, as long as you avoid using Minecraft stuff in your game (reserved names, textures, sounds, fonts) then you’re fine!

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As a majority of replies have stated it is absolutely okay to use the concept of minecraft, infact it may be welcomed by the community if the game is up to a high standard.

Next time I recommend posting this in #development-discussion :slight_smile:

Lots of games take and adapt ideas from existing games. However the main thing to keep in mind is that you can’t copy a game directly. In your use case it is fine to make a game similar to minecraft but try and make it look unique and clearly different from minecraft. This could be done by having different textures for blocks, different blocks, different mobs, different weapons and some of the game mechanics different.

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Skyblox by @Crazyblox is one of my favorite games similar to Minecraft in Roblox, it isn’t based on survival, just building.

The last time it got updated was in 2016, though the core features still work. It’s fun to play sometimes.