Can I make an infinite scrolling frame GUI?

Hi guys! I hope you are doing very very well! Being direct, I am making a scrolling frame GUI, but I have a problem, and it’s that the bar has a certain limit, the problem is that if I adjust it on the CanvasSize section and in the future I wanted to add more stuff in the scrolling GUI, I would have to rechange it every time an update is made, so I’m asking you if there isn’t a way so that whether Roblox calculates everything and just do the work, or what do I have to do so that the limit is infinite.

Thank you for everything and have a nice day and life, byee! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :wave: :grin:


try this: How i can make infinite scrolling frame with Canvas Size?

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It just aligns every image deforming the padding and the size making it seem horrible at the default scrolling like if It was a normal Frame.

You could use an UI Constraint

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