Can i make fictional country in my game?

Hi, i have question, i wan’t to make a fictional country in my game with politics and ect… is it allowed by roblox or not???

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If it’s fictional then that’s a bonus point for you, but keep in mind the Roblox Community Standards have mentioned that certain political matters are prohibited in experiences such as the following:

You might wanna give the whole article a read, just in case (Community Standards)

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Your idea already exists in the form of RoStates. Such are Mayflower, Firestone, my own - Belmont (shameless advertising lol), as well as many others. There are also a lot of “county” games which depict a county in the US (Mano County), a couple provincial games for Canada (Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto - the last two are currently owned by the same person, but this wasn’t always the case), there are some dutch games (De Antillen is a particularly great one, although I’m not 100% sure on how much the nation RP exists there).

Important note - Mayflower and Firestone are US states, not sovereign countries, but they both have big realistic court systems, many agencies (especially Firestone), you get the point. County games focus more on a particular couple of agencies (say, Rescue Squad for EMS, Fire Department for, well, fires, State Police and a Sheriff’s Office - the most common setup). Provincial games are similar to county games in this regard.

There is quite an interesting story behind all this. The concept of RoStates evolved from law enforcement roleplay, which itself is an evolution from army groups. Historically speaking, Firestone is kind of the successor to Rockport (a really old law enforcement RP game, which is trying to ressurect itself but not it hasn’t been really successful). I came into LE RP in about mid 2018, so my knowledge about Rockport is limited, but its legacy still lives on in games such as the abovementioned Mano County, which retains some Rockport assets in their game. Based on videos like this one, it appears that the LE agency in Rockport was TRC, but I’m unsure of that.

All three Mano County, Firestone and Mayflower were founded during various points in 2016 and remain the legacy LE RP communities. Newer ones (such as Winnipeg and Toronto, and the much newer Vancouver) usually attract players mainly from the aforementioned. Vancouver was especially interesting, as it was founded by a famous Mano YouTuber, who got fired from his position in Mano at about the same time he made Vancouver, which exploded his community’s size.

There are a few honorable mentions - Ridgeway and Aigio. The former is another US state, whose game appears to be under moderation, and the latter just seems to have gone inactive. To be fair to them I don’t monitor their communities at all so I might be wrong entirely. I’m fairly sure Aigio was a sovereign nation, though. Anyway, these two communities brought in a lot of players because they had outstanding games, much above the level of e.g. Mano (which uses really old tech mixed in with new code, creating a very interesting case study of how not to create games on Roblox). Ultimately though, FS, Mayflower and Mano remain in the top positions, and probably will for years to come.


there’s also like star wars roleplay games which i know nothing about but they seem to be cool too


thank you very much for this, i wan’t to know what is good or not about developement

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