Can I make local Multiplayer for Xbox?

I’ve been looking at the tutorials and stuff and I saw that it said that multiple gamepads can be detected. Assuming that Roblox didn’t lie, how would I do split screen for someone on Xbox who has a second (or maybe even third) controller connected?

Even if it’s not split screen, could I still have two avatars walking around?

This is quite interesting. I’ve never played RobloXBOX but it certainly introduces a way for new users to be interested in Roblox.

I think your answer is in this article partially: you detect a second controller with Enum.UserInputType.Gamepad2 with ContextActionService probably. You can create a second avatar by just cloning a ready-made one from ServerStorage and attaching connections. It would even replicate to other clients if you do it properly.

Awsome! This is just what I’m looking for! Thanks!

You would have to use laggy viewports, also SurfaceGuis cannot appear in viewports.