Can I make player collide with water?

So I already found a script that makes Robloxian not swim. But I also want him to collide with water like with ground terrain. Is it possible somehave?

P.S. pls do not suggest to make a invisible part around the water. That won’t work with my plans :slight_smile:


If you have short water then then could work.

But with a big body of water I dont know how you will do that.

(Like in Jailbreak with that like river type thing. Thats what I mean.)

The only potential thing that I could see is that you could either use RayCasts or Colission Groups, but I have no clue

You can also refer to this as well I suppose:

put an invisible block on the water

You really did that H U H

Did you look at the OP?

welp, I forgot to read about that xD

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I don’t think collision groups can do it, because by default water is non-colliding. When disable swimming you just run through.

i dont even understand what you are trying to say but i think based on the replies you are trying to detect when player collides with water. to do that just fire a bindable event which will represent they touched it when their humanoids state gets changed to swimming

I want the player to collide with water like with ground terrain (bump against it, climb, walk on it). Is it clear now?

you could detect when a player touches the water and than you could make a small part under the player that updates its position when the player moves.

I hope my solution is good. This is different than just placing a part around the water, but I don’t know what your plans are, so this may be a bad solution.

I don’t know how you would be able to climb on water with this though.

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