Can I organize my scripts this way?

Hello, can you please tell me if I can organize my local scripts this way and if its efficient or not:

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Personally, being someone who uses frameworks extensively and is a ModuleScript fanboy, I kind of don’t use LocalScripts in my workflow at all (i think there exists around 3 or 4 in my current game), but nonetheless, I will provide you with my preferred organization method.


  • Controllers
    • SoundController
    • RoundController
  • Modules
    • Config
  • Handler/UI
    • MainMenuHandler
    • RewardsHandler


  • Controllers deal with the main game logic.
  • UI/Handlers deal with anything in StarterGui or UI/UX related.
  • Modules are just the 3rd party client only modules that assist you in development.

FYI:- If you want a module to be shared between the client and server, place it in ReplicatedStorage/Shared.

Another FYI:- These are just my preferences and I assume they are good enough but if you want something more your type feel free to experiment.


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