Can I please get genuine feedback

I’ve been working on a game called San Dalira. I’m trying to make the biggest map I’ve ever made (to date) at the best possible detail. I’ve dropped building in the last (few) Months/Year and have been having a hard time improving.

I want you to be is nit picky as possible, more spotable mistakes have probably already been fixed, things like slight floating issues with signs, clipping road textures etc.

Here are the images (Sectioned up, some are older then others so some things might miss)
Pictures are stacked most recent to oldest.

Most recent

Video (Night)

Suburbs (Smaller more remote one)

Tejas Shooting Sports


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I also have much more and can make extra ones. If you need close ups just ask!

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I’m liking the look of this. I’d personally recommend some more distinct changes in housing for the suburbs. I’m noticing differing shapes and colour, but it might not be enough to fully distinguish the differences in certain houses. The skyline is very flat, so different story buildings could definitely help tie the structure of the houses together.

I’d also recommend more shrubbery and flora that matches the desert vibe. Aside from the road, lights, houses and occasional grass, it’s very barren and unnaturally empty.

I’d recommend using actual Roblox terrain rather than parts/meshes. They’re a lot easier to work with and provide a more detailed look to the terrain. Terrain grass is also more optimised than grass decals.


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I totally agree with the shrubbery and and flora comment. I will start looking for an optimizable way to have a good amount of ground debris.

The skyline is sapposed to be rather flat. A few larger buildings will do the map good. But I will also be greatly expanding the road network and flat land to make it seem as if this is the only small town in the middle of Texas/Arizona.

I also decided to use part terrain because, one I’m much more familiar with it then normal terrain. And if used correctly can be still quite optimized.

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Top down images:


Idk but the grass and trees looks a bit mesh like and unrealistic I feel like you should give the grass more depth

I love the look of this game—the details, the aesthetic. And you did a great job on the roads and terrain! The game has Southwestern/Southern American appeal. My recommendation is to lean in to that as hard as you possibly can, think about every single thing you can build that isn’t as common in other parts of the country.

I’m finding it difficult to think of many critiques, but perhaps you should design your own billboards, and also try looking for PBR assets for greenery such as bushes and cacti(PBR is more realistic and doesn’t heavily affect performance)

This game looks good, but the map seems very bland and empty. You should add more bushes and trees, and other decorations too.

Thank you very much, I’ll definetly be looking into some PBR textures, most of them are just basic ROBLOX textures which I’m pretty sure are already PBR.

The Southwestern appeal is exactly what I am going for. It’s rare to see something based out of Texas. So we will keep pushing that as much as we can. :slight_smile: