Can I post roblox avatars pictures out of roblox?

Yesterday I was taking a look to the roblox terms of service when I arrived to this page where roblox explain what rigths have the roblox icon, how can you use it and the prohibited use marks.
In that section of the article they say " The use of the Roblox name (and any name similar to Roblox), badge, logo, and other trademarks including “Classic Roblox Avatars” (R6 and R15 Avatars as defined in our Terms of Use) is not permitted on physical products or commercial content."

Im developing a game where I want to add living thins (I have all the building done). And when I finish it, I would want to sponsor it on social media (what I think that is commercial content). So with “Classic Roblox Avatars”, what they mean exactly? The r6 and r15 block rigs or every body on roblox?

Also, in the Roblox Badge Guilnes 2023 presentation, on page 10, they say this:
“Creators are entitled to make physical
products that commemorate their
experiences provided they avoid direct
association with Roblox IP. The use of the
Roblox name, badge, logo, and other
trademarks is not permitted on physical
products and may not be tied to the
development, distribution or sale of any
products or services (including products,
packaging, e-commerce pages, and retail
displays) or other commercial uses
including NFTs, film, tv, books, and stage
shows. This includes ‘Classic Roblox
Avatars’ (r6 and r15 Avatars as defined in
our terms of use)
Using these body types or derivatives of
these body types for commercial use
requires Roblox approval. Please submit
assets or proposed commercial uses for
approval via the form on the Name and
Logo Community Usage Guidelines
webpage. Without written approval the use
is not allowed.”

But I didn’t saw any tipo of form.
So the question is: If I want to sponsor the games, as living things I should use roblox avatars or create my own living thing for the game?

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I’m fairly sure “commercial content” would only count for big corporate commercials, like the people paying money to actually show Roblox content. You should be fine making a video about your game itself, as many other Developers are doing the same, and nothing happened to them over it.

If you’re still concerned, you can just try to leave out showing the Roblox logo as much as possible, in your video content.

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Yes, I alredy read the roblox logo TOS. Anyways, thanks for answer me the question.

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