Can I put random unspecified types of bottles in a game?

Hi, so I’m making many scattered bottles around the map and I need to know if it’s ok for Roblox, I’m not specifying what they are, but I’m not sure if it will still get reported. May I get some help? image


I don’t think that Roblox would do that because it’s a normal thing. If there’s something illegal in your game, then Roblox would give you a warning/banning/account deleted.

Also, this looks like that you just put a parts and put a cylinder. I was thinking that you were made a realist one but this is for more good devs :sweat_smile:

Alright, really didn’t get the last few sentences.

Just do something like plastic water bottles instead.

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I don’t think that this would get you reported if unspecified. Just try to keep it away from a design or color of any alcohol bottle/liquid.

(also this doesn’t belong in Cool Creations, belongs in #help-and-feedback:game-design-support I believe)


It should be fine as long as it’s not beer bottles