Can I Put These Things In My Game?

Hello Devs! I Am Just Makin’ A Lil’ Game Inspired By The Game “Traversal” And I Want To Add Consumables That Damage / Heal The Player And I’m Not Sure If I Can Add These:

Bleach (Might Not Be Added) - Removes 25 Health

Pills / Painkillers (?) - Adds 25 Health

If / When I Make This A Game, Are These Allowed? If Not What Would Be A Good Alternative?

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Roblox only makes a rule against reference/use of alcohol, drugs or smoking and even in those cases the game’s age limit is set to 17+, so i wouldnt be that concerned about it.

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Ah Okay, Thanks That Means I CAN Use These.

I believe there is nothing wrong. I’ve seen a few games add worse stuff.

there’s 13+ games (even Doors, with the vitamin pills that make you run faster) that have injections n stuff so this should be fine

I know a guy who got his game terminated for adding Bleach, so yeah I’d argue not to add that one

it MIGHT not be added, Dont Know Yet.

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