Can I put this Value in Gui position?


I want to change Gui’s position.


That position is changed in situation, so I used changing value ‘nigonsandanyi’ in UDim2 position.
This value is the type that usually used in repeat script.
But when I put this value, script gave me ‘attempt to call a table value’

How do I now for this script?


Udim2 needs to be changed to

I changed that. And it’s clearly what I forgot lol

It doesnt give error message ‘attempt to call a table value’ thanks to you,
but gui position is not moved to 0.69.
I checked the value changed 0.69. But position didn’t reflect this…

I fixed an error, however, it seems there is another error there.

Does everything else work in that function?

Did it change the text correctly?