Can I request permission to display third-party links in my experience?

I have an educational experience and in order for users to cite content (for academic uses, in MLA, APA, and other formats), they need to credit a third-party website. However, I found out that I am not allowed to show third-party links in my experience (excluding specific social media platforms).

I saw that educational experiences like the Children’s Art Museum of India include a link to their website on their experience (in the main game/thumbnails), but I heard that this goes against Roblox TOS.

Since the Children’s Art Museum of India is an approved Learn and Explore sort experience, I wondered if there is any way I can include third-party links in my experience by asking for permission. I contacted Roblox Education for more information about this, but have not received a response yet.

The only way is to contact roblox.
All external linking to social media is banned by default.
You can however mention external sites, like “Twitter/X” by saying “for codes, see the twitter: InsertTwitterNameHere” etc.
But links aren’t allowed.
Even in roblox groups, linking to roblox content or even groups have from time to time not been allowed.

Are there any exceptions for educational content related to/for your experience?

Does that include external sites outside of social media (e.g., a database?)

From all of the years I’ve been on roblox (Since 2005), there are no exceptions for external links.
And the reference game you’re talking about specifies an e-mail address in an NPC chatbox, saying to report bugs or problems.
It can be seen as a link, but that’s not up to me to decide, and it’s not a clickable link either.

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In the case of my experience displaying third-party links, it would simply be a part of a pre-formatted citation to cite the content. It would not necessarily be clickable, but users would be able to copy the citation with the link. Would this use be acceptable?

I would still wait for a reply from roblox.
But I doubt it would be allowed.
Since you are stating “copying the link”.

Roblox even filters “Discord” links on their site, even if they allow it in the profiles.
They have whitelisted “Guild” links because they purchased that service.

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Thanks! I’ll make sure to clarify with Roblox whether or not I’ll be able to do this.

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