Can I somehow get the 2015-2023 chat GUI, with the new beta chat feature?

I’m attempting to make a 2015 client recreation and I need the classic chat UI from that time (2015-2023?).

I don’t know how to disable the new chat UI, neither do I know how to take the core GUI, as I need the chat for archival and simply to use it.

I’ve tried to disable the new chat and it didn’t work, neither is there anything in the PlayerGui inside the player.

For some reason I can’t provide images due to an error, so here’s some hyperlinks:

new chat: new chat

old chat:

Go to TextChatService and set ChatVersion to “LegacyChatService”

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You can use what @Guest422349 suggested, and enable showing/editing CoreGui in Explorer in Roblox Studio settings, then copy everything chat-related (I think).

Damn, wasn’t expecting it to be that easy

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