Can I sort the Instances in Workspace in order?

Is it possible if I could sort the instances like GUI TextLabels in workspace based on name or layout order, etc? Not UIListLayout but child instances below parent so that it’s easier to see.

For example, the first thing I will always see underneath a Model would be “Hitbox” and then “Parts” after that. (hitbox seems to get pushed all the way to the bottom).

Have you tried searching before? A simple search on Google and I’ve found this:

Sort the children of your models using table.sort and GetFullName. Edit: I just realised you asked about Gui Textlabels, I guess you could simply check if they’re a textlabel instead of a model. Are you trying to sort the children of your text labels or the text labels itself?

for _, child in pairs(game.Workspace:GetDescendants()) do
    if child:IsA("TextLabel") then
        parts = child:GetChildren() 

table.sort(parts, function(a,b)
    return a:GetFullName() < b:GetFullName()

I’m trying to sort the children of any instances based on name, zindex, etc. And I’m not trying to script it, sort of like how UIListLayout works in Gui’s. I just noticed that this question can’t really be solved.